The Top 10 B2B Demand Generation Marketing Trends for 2011

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Witness the power of crowdsourcing and get a peek at the items predicted to be on every B2B marketer’s 2011 agenda.

What’s better than a B2B marketing expert’s top trend predictions? How about predictions distilled from over 17,000 B2B marketing professionals?

That’s what Holger Schulze, Director of Marketing for SafeNet, collected and published recently. It’s the kind of experiment you can only pull off if you have a lot of reach and social media savvy.

Fortunately for us, Holger has both, plus the generosity to offer meaty analysis on each trend put up for consideration.  And I have to say, he’s helped prove the worth of the professional crowdsourcing method to me; this would be my list of 2011 predictions, too.

Here’s an excerpt of my three favorites from Holger’s compiled list:

  1. Integration of social media into lead generation programs (#1)
    2011 will be the year social media becomes an established marketing tactic, tightly integrated into traditional tactics to broaden the reach of messages and drive conversions.  With more investment will come more stringent demands for proof of ROI and revenue impact.
  2. Focus on content marketing (content mapped to personas, buyer’s journey, vertical, etc) (#2)
    Content marketing is going mainstream in 2011. Put your buyers (with their persona and industry driven pain points, preferences, and buying stages) in the center of your marketing efforts—and create compelling content as the currency of your engagement with buyers that influences decisions along the buying process.
  3. Focus on pull/inbound marketing tactics (#6)
    As traditional interruption-style marketing techniques are being blocked and filtered out by buyers, marketers need to shift to inbound tactics using magnetic content that enables buyers to educate themselves about the nature of their problem, available solutions, vendors, and products long before the first personal engagement with a vendor takes place.

See Holger’s article for the well-worth-your-while details on these trends, plus “What marketing areas are less important in 2011?”

Are any of your 2011 trends missing from the list? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

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