Targeting B2B IT Buyers Online: Eight Tips for Demand Generation Marketers

If you’re trying to reach B2B IT buyers online—whether they’re top decision makers or influencers, at enterprise or SMB organizations—you’ll have plenty to gain from these top tips.

Freshly excerpted from research conducted by IT solutions provider Softchoice, these tips highlight North American B2B IT buyer preferences for browser research, mobile experiences, and email experiences.

1. Browser research: Become community minded.






Interestingly, I’ve seen data to suggest that 3 in 4 B2B IT buyers rely on IT communities for research, rather than the 1 in 4 figure presented here, but perhaps the scope of the survey or the way the question was asked produced variation in results.

2. Browser research: Cater to learning preferences.







Articles, online guides and webinars top the list in this survey, with case studies near the bottom of the list. Interestingly, though, research from Marketing Sherpa shows that more marketers in the computing/software arena serve up case studies in their content marketing strategy than other marketers do (83% vs. an average of 55%).

3. Browser research: Experiment with video.






Hmmm…if your company has balked at the resource and time costs of producing video, you may want to show them this figure.

4. Mobile: Support research on-the-go.





Optimizing your website for mobile is quickly graduating to a “phase-one must-do” from a “someday-nice-to-have.”

5. Mobile: Determine your mobile strategy.





See above!

6. Mobile: Optimize your email for mobile.






There’s no mistaking mobile’s rise to prominence as a consideration.

7. Email: Don’t waste time on trivial things.






Relevant, snappy, educational emails are more compelling—this is a lesson we’ve (hopefully) learned to apply to all B2B buyers already.

8. Email: Solicit feedback.

Softchoice lists their favorite responses to the question “Why do you read marketing emails?” to illustrate the valuable insights one can gain by asking for (and facilitating) feedback. See the full survey,  “Digital Habits in B2B IT: 10 Tips for Marketers,” for more details on all of the insights excerpted here.

One Response to Targeting B2B IT Buyers Online: Eight Tips for Demand Generation Marketers

  1. kenny says:

    great stuff. Laura yopu may also want to check out 1.8 Million IT buyers in a IT management application.

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