Quick Quiz: Four Essentials of B2B Demand Generation Email Marketing

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Test your email marketing strategy recall with this quick quiz. Don’t peek at the answers below!

True or False:

  1. You’re mainly competing with other marketers for inbox share.
  2. You should compare your performance to your own benchmarks rather than industry benchmarks.
  3. Testing is a strategic “must.”
  4. List growth should be your primary measure of business growth.

Before you check your answers, consider this: Research by Marketing Sherpa shows that 81% of marketers have taken their email marketing in-house (13% use a combination of in-house and agency time; 4% use an agency).

Clearly, we like to have control over this important channel. But in the daily crush of priorities, it’s easy to let some of the essential principles slip our minds. So let’s see how your answers compare to some essential best practices.

  1. False. Your inbox competition is “everyone.” It’s more and more difficult to get noticed due to the sheer volume of all communications, not just the ones relevant to your field.
  2. True, especially if you want to deliver outstanding email programs, not just average ones. We all refer to industry benchmarks because they are helpful indicators of the norm; but if you aim to beat your personal best, you’re likely aiming higher than an industry benchmark.
  3. True. In an era when everyone is advocating change for change’s sake, you want to be certain you’re making changes for the right reason—to achieve results. Only If you compare new approaches against a control can you be confident that your efforts are taking you in the most worthwhile direction.
  4. False. Although growing your list is very important, unique open rates and click-through rates are better indicators of how engaging and relevant your email messages and content are to your audience—and how likely they are to result in more business.

For more detail on these answers and additional tips, see this email marketing refresher by Morgan Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO of “email-centric” marketing consultancy Trendline Interactive.

3 Responses to Quick Quiz: Four Essentials of B2B Demand Generation Email Marketing

  1. kamal goel says:

    1) causes that is gradually harm the environment
    2) upgrading of our envirenment
    3) Controlling of pollucation

  2. Thumbs this up! No words! your blog and article are always useful!

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