The Right Direct Marketing Balance for B2B Demand Generation

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For successful direct marketing campaigns, balancing priorities and building the business case together are key. Here’s a brief guide to both.

One interesting shortcut to direct marketing success is to study what SMB marketers are doing right with it.

Why SMB marketers? Because they never forget Direct Marketing 101—they simply can’t afford to. Without the support of larger budgets and staff, successful SMB marketers tend to prioritize their time and resources this way:

  • Getting the list right (40%)
  • Crafting relevant, show-not-tell offers (40%)
  • Fine-tuning creative for impact (20%)

Even at relatively stable, large companies, B2B demand generation marketers are feeling pressure to do more with less. Direct marketing campaigns are often facing tougher criteria for greenlighting.

More than ever, a solid, step-by-step business case approach can mean the difference between yes and no.

I was on a call with a client recently who wanted to know a “reasonable spend” for a marketing campaign. “Reasonable” is all too often code for “the least,” a sure sign of budget pressure and a cry for help in building a business case!
So I replied, “Let’s start with the numbers, and the business case will come. Let’s say you need to generate $10M in revenue. What we need to know is:
  • How many deals does that represent?
  • How many opportunities do you need in the pipeline to result in that number of deals?
  • How many sales accepted leads (SALs) do you need to support that pipeline number?
  • How many marketing qualified leads (MALs) do you need to support the number of SALs?
You get the idea. By walking through the process,  together we were able to determine an allowable cost/lead rather than trading on assumptions.

(Note: It’s prudent to gently emphasize that if you’re doing a pilot, it may take a little more time for the ROI to kick into high gear. But once that successful pilot is optimized and rolled back out, the ROI can double very quickly.)
Don’t stop now; see more details and tips on what SMB marketers are doing right—and by association what all B2B demand generation marketers can learn from them.

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