B2B Demand Generation Best Practices: Blogging to the C-Suite


If you want to engage with an executive-level audience as part of your demand generation strategy, here are some excellent top tips from leading B2B bloggers.

You may want to start with the tried and true blog-building guidelines shared by Joyce Maroney of Kronos.

Joyce created her blog, Workforce Institute, to attract decision makers and influencers instead of the IT managers and developers who typically visited the Kronos website.

Engaging them with education and advice rather than press releases or brochures proved a highly successful strategy for increasing awareness and building a consistent relationship with the right audience.

I’ve read a lot of interesting articles on (and accumulated my own positive experiences with) reaching top decision makers, but I believe Maroney and Koch do a wonderful job of outlining the top six requirements:

  1. Develop a persona of your target audience and discover what it wants.
  2. Audit existing sources of information to find an area of differentiation.
  3. Create an advisory board to establish credibility and generate ideas.
  4. Monitor the internet for topical issues relevant to your target audience and create posts that speak to them directly.
  5. Create a layer of separation between the company and the blog to establish credibility.
  6. Develop an internal engine for ideas and content.

In my view, her “idea curation” was one of her smartest moves (3, 4 and 6). Don’t feel you have to generate all your blog post ideas on your own, unless blogging is about to become your full-time job! The main point is to add value by adapting ideas to your specific audience.

If #5 sounds intriguing, but unlikely for your company to accept right away, see my post on the pros and cons of cultivating your personal brand through social media, which also draws on more timely insights from Chris Koch.

Have you had great success (or not so much) in connecting with top decision makers via blogging or social media platforms? Let’s share experiences in the comments.

2 Responses to B2B Demand Generation Best Practices: Blogging to the C-Suite

  1. I am new to your blog and love it. Thanks for including us in your adventures.

    • Thank you for reading – and glad you’re enjoying it!
      Please make sure to check back for new articles – or feel free to subscribe! I try to post new content weekly (or at least a few times a month).
      Market Well – Lauren

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