The Top Three Mistakes in B2B Demand Generation (and an E-Guide to Avoiding Them)


Let’s explore the three biggest “don’ts” in B2B demand generation and how to avoid them.

One of the best things about the rise of B2B social media is the far greater opportunity to learn from one another.

B2B marketer Dianna Huff has taken excellent advantage of this dynamic by asking over 30 B2B experts to weigh in on “The Top Ten B2B Marketing Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them.”

With contributors like Ardath Albee and Mark Schaefer, the resulting e-book was bound to impress, and I’m definitely a fan.

Numbers 1, 3 and 5 stood out for me as the top three traps busy demand generation marketers in particular are apt to fall into:

  • No Strategy
  • Wasting Lead Opportunities
  • No Offer

1. No Strategy

Random acts of marketing—pushing out emails without a campaign to frame them, for example, or loading untargeted content onto microsites—are worse than band-aids;  they can actually alienate your audience. Defining the path to the sale and mapping out content according to personas and the buyer journey are essential to demand generation success.

2. Wasting Lead Opportunities

This is probably the mistake I’ve seen (not committed!) most over my career. Talented marketers spend admirable energy and carefully allotted resources on the offers, strategy, messaging and campaign, only to drop the ball in passing leads to sales. We can’t always blame the systems, either. Having the right systems is important, but without the the right mindset and right process, alignment between sales and marketing will elude us.

3. No Offer

It’s all too easy to get caught up providing information rather than shaping an offer.

An offer is more than data; it’s something that makes a person want to take action and engage.

The simple rule of thumb here is to view your content with one simple phrase in mind: “So what?” What should a prospect or customer do with/because of the information provided?

(Note: it’s better to ask that question sooner rather than later in the content planning and production cycle.)

For a deeper dive on these and seven more pitfalls and solutions, download Dianna’s crowdsourced E-book, “The Top Ten B2B Marketing Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them.

To mend sales and marketing alignment, see my Five Tips for Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing.

And check out this handy buyers journey diagram for instant insight to mapping content in the most relevant way.

What are the big no-no’s you’ve seen in your B2B career? Please share your anecdotes and advice in the comments!

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