A Knockout Social Media Guide for the B2B Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Whether you’re a demand generation-focused CMO yourself or part of a CMO’s team, the following snips from Eloqua will support your case for CMO social media involvement.

Eloqua is offering an indispensable guide to social media for the CMO—and it’s an easy, engaging, skimmable read, too. Honestly, 14 pages never went so fast.

But if you just can’t face downloading yet another document for “later,” maybe the following excerpts will perk you up for the full read. I’ve explored three of the main topics in the guide as a sneak peek of all the good things that await.

What Is Social Media?

“Its promise is simple: converging friends, colleagues, partners and customers into one digital melting pot.”

The promise may be simple, but for the uber-busy CMO, the practice is not. In fact, this promise sounds like some executives’ worst nightmare. How do you target effectively, or direct others to do so, in a melting pot?

Yet the warning tone of the guide is clear: get onboard or get left behind—not a place any C-level professional wants to be.

Why Do CMOs Need to Understand Social Media Personally?

Most CMOs today still:

  • Leave social media to their junior staff; or
  • Set it and forget it—They register for Facebook or Twitter and then lapse—or
  • Get another department to handle it.

All of these are big no-nos. The Eloqua guide touches on several reasons why, but for me, the need for “positioning, messaging and strategy” from the senior marketing level is the best one.

If you’re the CMO, you’re the voice of experience, and you need to understand fully how to your project your voice through social media.

Why Does My Business Need to Understand Social Media?

If you don’t champion social media for your business as a whole, it’s like refusing an invitation the one party you can be sure all your customers, prospects, and competitors will attend. More specifically:

“Organized, executive-sponsored social engagement models provide companies with rich opportunities for intelligence-gathering, internal communications, public influence, competitive insights, customer service and media relations.

“Conversely, ad hoc programs can ultimately damage companies in all of these fundamental areas.”

There’s more to look forward to and keep close at hand, such as the 10 Dos and Don’ts, one CEO’s “Three tips for every CMO,” and the very handy Content Grid infographic.

And Eloqua has generously urged everyone to share the wealth of the guide freely, so here it is: Eloqua’s Grande Guide to the Social CMO.

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