Jay Baer Interview, Part One: Three Social Media Must-Do’s for B2B Demand Generation

Timely (and tested) B2B-specific social media recommendations from Jay Baer—live!

I’ve really got to hand it to Jay Baer, author of The Now Revolution and the Convince & Convert blog. The man has stamina! Between delivering a full day of seminars and an evening presentation, Jay kindly spoke with me about how to succeed with social media in B2B.

Watch part one of our interview now or skim the highlights below. (Jay gave me a lot of gems in just 10 minutes—too many for one post!—so look out for parts two and three of our conversation soon.)

LOD: A key theme today was understanding why you do social media, not just what the tasks and tools are. Can you tell me more about that?

JB: Social media doesn’t work in isolation. It’s an ingredient, not an entree.

There are three options for understanding how social media fits in with your company objectives:

  • Awareness: trying to make people aware of your product or service who aren’t already aware of you;
  • Sales: Using social touches to nudge people toward a sale or lead; or
  • Loyalty: Getting your existing customers to buy from you a second or third time and become volunteer marketers.

You’ve got to pick one of those.

LOD: A lot of our clients want to tackle more than one, and I think it’s good guidance to say, let’s do one really well, and maybe over time we can take on more.

LOD: What are the three things every B2B company should do when embarking on social?”

JB: Creating content and telling your story is really important, especially if there’s not a lot of existing chatter about your company. You need to create things for people to chatter about.

Recognizing that you still have be prepared to answer the social media telephone…on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or in a blog post.

And what B2B companies are notoriously bad at: humanizing the company. B2B companies have always been reluctant to make their people the star. But people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. That kinship comes from “personal” not from “company.”

LOD: We talk a lot with clients about how we can support their social strategy, but the content has to come from people within the organization or other thought leaders in the industry.

JB: You can’t outsource your voice. It smacks of inauthenticity and I don’t think it’s a very useful agency service. If there’s a Twitter crisis, are you going to be able to react as fast as someone who works for that company? No. I think agencies should hold the rudder and let the company hold the wheel.

Coming up in Part Two: “What is the best way to get the most out of your content?”

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