Jay Baer Interview, Part 2: “Let’s Video the Making of a White Paper” for B2B Demand Generation

Jay Baer Interview, Part 2 from LaurenOnDemand on Vimeo.

Jay Baer explains how to succeed with content marketing in B2B—and who’s doing it right.

In the second part of our interview about how to succeed with social media in B2B, noted author and blogger Jay Baer had plenty to say about best practices for B2B content marketing. Perhaps the most surprising opinion I heard from him is that nobody’s doing everything right—yet.

Watch Part Two of our interview now or skim the highlights below.

LOD: What is the best way to get the most out of your content?

JB: I think understanding to what end you’re creating the content is the first thing. For whom are you making that content? And most importantly, what do you want them to do after that content is consumed? Mapping content to questions in the buyer’s cycle and to desired calls to action is essential, otherwise it just becomes this cops and robbers/Three Stooges routine.

LOD: We’ve definitely gotten a lot of requests like “We need 5 videos and 2 whitepapers.” Great, but what are we trying to do? How do we move people through that buyer’s journey?

JB: Let’s make a video of how you make a white paper. Right? Synergy.

LOD: Who’s doing a good job in B2B? Who should we look to for best practices?

JB: You know, I wouldn’t say there’s anybody who is the B2B case study, but there are a lot of places that are do it kind of well, right?

IBM does the culture side really well and the content creation; they have 100,000 internal bloggers at IBM. Social is a part of everybody’s job there. It’s really a mature approach.

HubSpot, the inbound marketing software guys, are just MASTERS of content creation and content optimization. Every day is a webinar, every day is a blog post, every day is a eBook, I mean it’s just mind-boggling the amount of content they create every day…and their lead generation is insane as a result.

And then you’ve got companies that are doing really well with the community side of it: ExactTarget with their 360 community, SAP’s community network…people are actually activating customers instead of just collecting them. That’s obviously a smart way to go to get your customers to not only interact with the company, but with one another.

Coming up in Part Three:
“What’s the best advice we can give to our B2B clients to help them embark on social media with a realistic context?

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