Webcast: 4 Steps to a Buyer-Centric Marketing Model

4 Steps to a Buyer-Centric Marketing Model
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Don’t get stuck in the (old or new) marketing funnel! Chart a successful path through all the twists and turns of today’s buyer journey with my time-tested insights, evidence and recommendations.

View my presentation above, skim the highlights below or Watch and listen to the entire webcast on BrightTalk (registration required).

As marketers, I think we can all admit we have a tendency to indulge in marketing strategies that focus on our priorities and our key messages and our launch dates. But approaching marketing from a buyer’s perspective naturally prioritizes their needs and their business challenges first. And that really is a requirement in today’s market.

Why is content so important? Why is a buyer-centric view so important? Because buyers are really in control of their own information. We have to be curious, we have to ask questions, we have to know who our audience is and make sure we’re having a relevant dialogue with them.

Start by asking:

  • What is the business issue we solve…or, what do we enable?
  • Who is it most important to?
  • Who are the buyers? The influencers? The researchers?

Then dive deeper into behaviors, threats, motivators. Threats include

  • What’s causing the problem (such as user complaints about technology solutions)
  • What could make the problem worse (not doing anything)
Here’s the real opportunity of mapping and enabling the buyer’s journey: we can accelerate pipeline conversion to sales because we’re giving the buyer what they need when they need it, and helping them move through that sales cycle without getting too caught.Once you’ve mapped the buyer’s journey, you can align your content with it for maximum impact:
  • Audit
  • Map
  • Define gaps
  • Fill the gaps
  • Atomize it!

This is just a quick summary; the webcast presentation contains more context and evidence. If you’re inspired by my webcast to take advantage of this opportunity, download a free copy of the Buyer’s Journey excerpted above and get in touch with me!

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