Content Marketing Orange Awards Results Are In!


“The Driving Force of Tech Marketing In This Decade: Education” — Tim Harmon, Forrester Research

I could not agree more. As marketers, our roles have evolved—in an exciting way. Marketers have always been tasked with creating communications and delivering information. But to accomplish “education”, we must truly know our audience, our buyers and our customers—and ensure we speak to their needs.

Content is the currency of this education; it brings conversations to life. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Orange Awards honor the content marketers who are setting the standard for this dialogue, and this year’s results are in. Big congratulations to the winners:

  • Content Marketing Agency of the Year (50+ employees): Imagination Publishing
  • Content Marketing Agency of the Year (15-49 employees): Babcock & Jenkins (Full disclosure: I work for this organization.)
  • Content Marketing Agency of the Year (<15 employees): King Content

The judges were juiced about BNJ: “They made a strong case as a cutting-edge content agency. Their philosophy and thought leadership stood out among other agencies of their size. Their funnel formula and focus on the buyer’s journey, and content opportunities within, is worth noting in particular.”

For the inside scoop on what makes content marketing powerful, I asked Carmen Hill, our content queen, to share a few tips from her arsenal. She says:

1. The most important thing we content marketers can do is to think more about what our audience wants to learn, what they need to know to solve problems that are important to them at each stage of their buyer’s journey, and less about what we want to tell and sell them. This gives us a direct conduit to their decision-making process and provides the opportunity to influence that decision.

2. We also need to focus first on the substance of the information we’re sharing rather than on the format. People aren’t looking for a webinar or a whitepaper, they’re looking for information that’s relevant to them.

3. Finally, with so many creative options available to us now, we should expand our vision of how we present information. If you have relevant data, don’t bury it in text—bring it to life in an infographic or SlideShare presentation. Interview your company’s subject matter experts in a Google Hangout and post the video on YouTube. Host a Twitter chat and collect the best contributions via Storify.

 Want to learn more about who’s doing great things with content—and how? Check out the press release announcing all Orange Awards winners and finalists, take a quick tour of the BNJ Content Practice and see how BNJ turns up the juice on content marketing.

 Congratulations to all!

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