Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content

It’s refreshing to see that content is becoming a core competency and a priority for organizations, according to BtoB Magazine.* As an agency focused on B2B, content has been a core piece of our client GTM planning for at least five years.

It seems to me that maybe there’s been a gap between recognizing the right approach and having the strategic-meets-journalistic expertise to actually develop great content. The good news for businesses looking to bridge this gap is that there’s some great information out there about how to do so. This post offers a quick roundup of trends and best practices.

Excerpted from Sirius Decisions Core Strategy Report, Building a Content Strategy

Excerpted from Sirius Decisions Core Strategy Report, Building a Content Strategy


1. Best of breed marketers’ No. 1 challenge is producing enough content.

A recent BtoB study “Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time,” credits marketers that invest 30% or more of their budgets in content marketing as “best of breed” practitioners. The study reports that this group’s No.1 challenge is producing enough content to feed the various channels.

2. By next year, the percentage of marketers engaged in content will nearly double.

34% of BtoB study respondents say they were “very” or “fully” engaged with content marketing—18% more than last year. And the study suggests that by next year, this group will nearly double to 66%.

3. Everyone in an organization needs to be content-centric.

Last week, I attended the Sirius Decisions conference, The New Content Paradigm: Strategy, Process and Best Practices, where Jay Gaines and Marisa Kopec discussed how companies are using content development to fuel inbound marketing and sales content optimization strategies. Marisa explained that successful organizations are defined by ownership of content across the entire marketing ecosystem.

4. The new content strategist should be second in command.

In a content-centric organization, someone needs to be behind the wheel. The new paradigm defined by Sirius Decisions puts the content strategist second-in-command, reporting to the CMO. The strategist not only understands that content is the lifeblood of marketing, but is also senior enough to have influence across the organization—ensuring that sales and product marketing are on board.

5. The future of content is in our hands, and measurement can harness its power.

Now that we all agree on the importance of relevant content and why we need to invest resources in developing it, my prediction is that 2013 will bring exciting experimentation with nuancing channels and formats—from mobile to outdoor experiences to highly engaging online experiences. Through measurement, we’ll understand what’s doing the best job of engaging different types of people and converting them directly and indirectly.

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* Obrecht, John, ”Content ascends to marketing throne,” BtoB, October 8, 2012 4.

7 Responses to Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content

  1. Achim Klor says:

    This is a fantastic post, Lauren

    Your Number 3 and Number 4 insights are absolutely HUGE. Education and resources appear to be the biggest challenges. Because B2B companies are traditionally focused on R&D (they rarely have internal marketing resources), there is an inherent “lack of “content knowledge” as well as a lack of “content creators”.

    To truly create an organization that is content-centric and one that is lead by qualified content strategists, C-level managers must first mandate a corporate culture that will support it. And since content is so heavily tied to the company’s brand image, content, like branding, is a CEO lead initiative. It has to start from the top otherwise it will fail.

    Thanks for sharing this important information.


  2. […] a recent post on the 5 Insights About the Rise of Content, Lauren Goldstein (@LaurenOnDemand) makes two very important points that I want focus on […]

  3. Jonathan D says:

    Thank you for sharing Lauren, great article! B2B marketing is usually considered dull but it really shouldnt be. B2B marketing should focus on building ‘long lasting’ quality relationships, and the best way to grab peoples attention is with interesting ‘content’. The successful companies that are doing well are becoming more and more creative with their marketing campaigns. You might want to have a look at this: I went last year and got loads of great advice, hope this helps!


  4. […] a recent post on the 5 Insights About the Rise of Content, Lauren Goldstein (@LaurenOnDemand) makes two very important points that I want focus on […]

  5. […] a recent post on the 5 Insights About the Rise of Content, Lauren Goldstein (@LaurenOnDemand) makes two very important points that I want focus on […]

  6. […] research, your company will not be considered. Only digitally mature vendors will be. That means everyone in your company needs to be part of the customer engagement and satisfaction department. Everyone in your company can make a contribution to help buyers become your satisfied and loyal […]

  7. Beate says:

    This is absolutely true and informative. Wish I could share this with my fellow bloggers. However I am new to this deal and have no clue how to do it.
    I made this website and now I have no idea about getting into readers, follow people and such.
    You are very correct: the blogger world will increase, because of all those Awol, Empower and other pushers , who get people to think they can make millions blogging.

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