Ten Images Tell All: A Visual Recap of Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation


A picture is worth a thousand words. And a perfect way to capture the energy, passion and intelligence of our B2B marketing community. After…..

  • four days in Vegas,
  • with 6,000+ fellow marketers,
  • hearing hundreds of statistics about the future of the CMO,
  • and speaking with dozens of B2B marketing’s brightest…

….I’d like to distill it down to 10 images that captured the highlights from this year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit.

Top On Marketer’s Priority List: Account Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is not new to the B2B marketing landscape – it’s been a successful sales and marketing practice for over a decade. And, as Charm Bianchini, Marketo’s Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, shared in her presentation – ABM is paying dividends for marketeers, including Marketo (Image #1)!


Bianchini also shared a few key industry statistics indicating that ABM has universal appeal and success for B2B Marketers!

  • “84 percent [of B2B marketers] said ABM provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships.”
  • “97 percent said ABM had a somewhat higher or much higher ROI than other marketing initiatives.”

What’s most exciting and new is the role of marketing technology in helping to accelerate and operationalize our ABM efforts. When done well, sales, marketing AND the customer win! (yes, a shameless plug for my recent blog post).

Also advocating for more personalized communications was Facebook CMO, Gary Briggs (Image #2), who reminded us that we’re living in a people-based era. What does this mean? We need to reach out to the people who matter most, then use our communications to be helpful and relevant.


Content Marketing: As Important As Ever

While ABM was the belle of the ball this year, Content Marketing was not forgotten. There were several great sessions on the importance of Content Marketing, but my top picks included:

  • Michael Brenner’s ROI-packed session on defining content marketing ROI(Image #3). We know the importance of connecting with our audience through channels of highest regard and with content that educates, entertains and answers their questions. But Michael has developed a formulaic approach of how to quantify the investment.


  • Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, repeatedly conveyed her message that marketers need to go bigger, bolder and braver with their content – or go home (Image #4). And, thanks to the talented @quietmarketer, there was a great sketchnote shared on Twitter with key take-aways from her session:


  • Actor, Will Smith, showed up with incredible passion and a great message – if you want to be successful (in life or as marketers), focus on helping people – adding value to their lives. Sounds like the wise words of a content marketing king! And yes, he can still get jiggy with it(Image #5)!


  • UberFlip demonstrated that CONTEXT matters just as much as content. Loved this use of contextual advertising (Image #6).


Predictive Analytics Success Stories Are Heating Up

Predictive is just getting hotter, and moving from talk to action and ROI. According to a report from Forbes Insight, only 15 percent of marketers indicated using predictive technologies for two or more years, but 83 percent indicated that they planned to increase their investment in 2016.

Many of the top predictive analytics players were present at the Summit. Several of them also announced new integrations with Marketo (including a personal favorite, Radius), using predictive to score inbound leads, help acquire more “right” contacts and to make the content experience more individualized.

As Image #7 shows, (snapped during a B2B predictive analytics case study at the conference) the ROI is showing up! Marketers are able to attribute increases in pipeline volume and velocity!


The B2B Marketing Community ROCKS!

And, last, but surely not least, our B2B marketing community is incredible. Passionate, creative, intelligent and a TON OF FUN! Marketo did an incredible job of harnessing a mix of speakers and insights to fuel an incredible conference. My final few photos (Images #8-10) are those taken with old and new friends – B2B legends I’m thrilled to have seen!

With Ann Handley, Chief Content Office at Marketing Profs


 With Michael Brenner, CEO of  Marketing Insider Group


With Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing and Scott Brinker of ChiefMarTec.com.


I would love to see your favorite images from Marketo 2016! Comment away!

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