Top 12 Upcoming B2B Marketing Events of 2016


I always do my best thinking on the road.

Over the miles of training for a marathon, or the insights gathered speaking with peers and practitioners at industry events – I love to think on the road.

While I’d love to inspire you towards a marathon (and would love to chat with you if you’re interested), it may be more likely that you’ll consider attending one of the GREAT events upcoming this year. Here are my top 12 recommendations (many of which I’ve attended in the past – and several of which I’ll be presenting).


BrightTalk B2B Content Marketing Summit, (August 17-18)

JOIN BNJ HERE: BNJ’s, Julie Wisdom, will be presenting on Content Marketing Strategy August 17th at 9 am (PT). During this web-based summit, marketers can find a wide range of topics all focusing on B2B Content Marketing and the tools and strategies you can launch to stand out within B2B Marketing.


B2B LeadsCon, New York (August 22-24)

JOIN ME HERE: Yes, I will be here – and speaking on my favorite topic and B2B marketing approach at the session: “Account Based Marketing—Is It For You?” along with Jeannine Rossignol, the Vice President of Marketing for Xerox HR Services. Hope to see you there!

As the conference title suggests – this event is all about B2B Lead Generation!


 Uberflip Experience, Toronto, Canada, (August 24-25)

JOIN ME HERE: Uberflip is one of the premier B2B marketing technologies and I’m thrilled to be speaking at their conference on content marketing strategy during the session: “Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for the Wild, Wild, West?” The event is deeply focused on guiding marketers toward building a positive experience throughout the entire buyer’s journey. And, Toronto is a fabulous city! 


Content Marketing World, Cleveland, Ohio (September 6-9)

The #1 event for content marketers – globally! In over 80 sessions and workshops, Content Marketing World will give marketers the materials in order to grow and inspire within their business and your audience.


Sirius Decisions Summit Europe, London, England (September 26-27)

A few months back I attended this summit in Nashville, Tennessee. I enjoyed their focus on the customer experience in addition to its many inspiring and informative presentations. Sirius always delivers fresh and relevant B2B research and insights – and is a top event to attend. 


Dreamforce, San Francisco, California (October 4-7)

JOIN ME HERE: I’ve always loved Dreamforce events, and now they are saying this one will be “the most epic ever.” No matter the industry you are in, this event will be beneficial because of the thousands of sessions and people!


 &Then, Los Angeles, California (October 16-18)

&Then, the DMA Global Event, is looking into creating the next-generation marketers. They have created a fun lively event with a wide range of sessions and events, in addition to speakers ranging from NBA player and CEO of Kobe, Inc., Kobe Bryant and Vice Chair of GE, Beth Comstock. It should a fun and interesting event!


 Forrester B2B Marketing 2016, Miami, Florida (October 18-19)

I’ve attended this event several times in the past – and both the analysts and the content are top notch. Forrester will explore the challenges that marketers are facing today – including the explosion of channels, new technologies and the new skills and practices B2B marketers are taking from B2C marketers to achieve success.


 CEB Sales & Marketing Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada (October 18-20)

Things are always changing, especially within the marketing world; however, B2B marketers don’t always know how to adapt to this change. This event looks into commercial leaders and teams identifying how to adapt to the constant competitive changes that we, as marketers, live in.


 Marketing Prof’s B2B Marketing Forum, Boston, Massachusetts (October 18-21)

JOIN ME HERE: Back again this year, I’ll be presenting a session on marketing strategy: “Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready to Do It All?”, I hope to see you there!

In its 10th year, Marketing Prof’s is notorious for showcasing B2B marketing best practices from the practitioner’s point of view.


 ITSMA Marketing Vision 2016, Cambridge, MA (November 1-2)

JOIN ME HERE: The ITSMA is a stellar resource for best practices on ABM (Account Based Marketing), and dozens of other strategic B2B marketing practices. Of the few events I attend regularly, this is one of them.


SiriusDecision Technology Exchange 2016, Austin, Texas (November 15-17)

Now on it’s second year, the SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange is the only event of its kind –  focusing on using technology to its fullest and advance business outcomes for B2B marketers.


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